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So just before raid time Tuesday 10 days ago (March 9th 2010) my water broke. It was about 5pm.

At first I was a bit embarrassed thinking I might have lost bladder control, but it soon became clear that the time had come.

So my hubby and I finished packing my half-packed overnight bag and calmly headed off to labor and delivery.

Yes, calmly: there were no contractions yet and no reason to be worried. I knew it was going to be a c-section, and wanted to be sure to pack all the things I would need afterward. So we departed about 6pm.

So we arrived and I opted to stand in the waiting area (to keep their seats dry) while a nurse was called. They took me back to the observation area where I got to lie on a nice bed on a dry absorbent pad while a nurse hooked me up to a belly monitor so we could be sure the baby was doing well. They also gave me an IV and started filling me up with fluid so I would be well hydrated. They also did an ultrasound to see if the baby was still breech and wasn't going to let me have a safe vaginal delivery.

Since I had stopped leaking for a bit they weren't sure it was amniotic fluid (not urine). She asked a lot of questions but it wasn't until the nurse left the room to ask about doing a different test on me when the next gush showed up. I told her about it when she came back in, she took one look and started filling out the admission paperwork.

One problem was that I had eaten a late lunch around 3:30 pm. For surgery they want an empty stomach, usually at least 6 I got to wait a bit. They also had another person in the OR ahead of me.

I ended up sitting in a puddle of fluid several times over the next three hours. The nurses were nice enough to change the bed pads for me each time I went to the restroom (thanks to being really well hydrated by 2 bags of IV fluid). At around 9pm we headed to the OR.

The OR was cold. Really really cold. Especially since all I was wearing was a flimsy little gown. The spinal block was not fun. I ended up crying a bit before that was in, and the first one didn't work well enough. I could still feel it when they tested by pinching the skin of my belly with calipers. So I got a second one...but that wasn't nearly as bad as the first since I was already pretty numb. The second one worked great though I started shivering like I was in the north pole. They put some heated blankets on me, tilted the bed a few times, tested again and when I was completely numb and completely awake they covered me up and began the operation.

I could see myself in the reflection from the glass in the lights, and watching them cut and cauterize my belly (smelling it too) was fascinating. Marty stayed with me the whole time holding my hand or arm whenever possible. I will admit I was pretty scared initially but by this point I think the worst part was over.

They pulled the baby out and she cried beautifully. Her first APGAR score was an 8, second was a 9. Hands and feet were a bit blue but otherwise everything was perfect. They kept her a bit longer than I expected getting her weighed and cleaned and all, at one point I even sent Marty over to see what they were doing. Meanwhile I watched the doctors (Nudelman and Anton) sewing me up.

After they finished up I started shivering really hard (from the anesthetic) again. When they went to move the cart I got nauseus. I puked pretty much continuously from the OR to my room. It was a rough ride. Normally nothing makes me vomit, but those drugs did the trick. Blah. The itching started right after that. Gotta say the spinal block worked great, but the side effects were really unpleasant.

Hazel weighed 5 lbs 11 oz. at birth. Within a couple days she had dropped 10% and was a bit jaundiced. now she is putting weight back on nicely, gaining about an ounce a day and keeping Marty and I on our toes.

Unfortunately I can't breastfeed yet. She was 2.5 weeks early and I had no milk at all when she was delivered. Even though I have been pumping and pumping I still have nothing but colostrum for her. I pump into a bottle and she sucks it down like it's candy. Definitely prefers it to the formula...but she still needs a lot more than I can produce.

Hopefully when my milk comes in she will be able to learn to take it from the source. Technically she isn't due until March 27th. We will see.


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