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What we learned from Avatar
I have a group of friends who comes over every monday evening to watch something on the TV.  We started with Heroes, moved on to all of Buffy and Angel in the correct order, and then we proceeded to watch Avatar.

For those who are not familiar with Avatar, it is an animated children's series set in a fantasy world with 4 kingdoms that are represented by the 4 elements (earth, fire, air, water).   For more info click here.   It is made by nickelodeon and done in the Japanese anime style.  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, getting to the point...while we were watching it, we realized that there were a number of messages included that may not have been completely intended by Nikelodeon.  So, we grabbed a white board and started writing down:

What we learned from Avatar:

It is O.K. to steal - from pirates.

If your father abuses you it is your fault and you must make amends.

You may also substitute a smaller cooler kid for your father to abuse.

Lying is O.K.

Anything is O.K. if everyone does it.

Sucking on frogs is medicinal.

Optimist = Liar.

Never underestimate the power of stink.

In the military it doesn't matter if orders make sense, do it anyway.

The only way women get equal rights is if they have balls.

  • Or hot grandma's.

Weapons make good toys for babies.

Problems?  Do Nothing!

Sentient natural disasters are Totally Normal.

Give it up with honor! (Or explode).

Strange old men that you meet on the road have the best tea. 

Falling and crushing damage are harmless and funny.

The white lotus opens wide for those who know her secrets - if you know what I mean.

Drugs lead to incest.

Beaches are like shaving for the soul.

Acne is not a concern for you if you are a victim of child abuse.

Septuplets will do Anything.

All old people look alike. 

Scamming cheaters is ok.

It is ok a LOT OF TIMES.

Orphans lust after their moms - that's not a bad thing.

And most importantly:
You must look within yourself to save yourself from your other self.  Only then will your inner self reveal itself.


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