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Victory Garden
I surf the web a lot and the idea of the victory-gardens seems to be very popular right now.
Even the White House is in on it.
The concept is great.
It also gives a sense of nostalgia for the days of the world wars.
Ok, so I am really not old enough to be nostalgic, but I did watch a lot of Bugs Bunny when I was little.  :)
I also spent a lot of time with my great grandmother.
She taught me about rationing, and even showed me some of her old ration stamps.

Now there are scientists saying that the human population is growing too large to feed itself off the available land.
Hard to believe looking at big fields of unused land as I drive around.
Thing is, if the climate is changing (and I do believe it is for whatever reason) then there is probably real cause for concern.
Where does our food really come from?
I think a large portion of mine comes from Brazil, at least that's what it says on the sign in the grocery store.

What happens to my food when Brazil has a drought?  
Are we really doing enough to prevent another dust-bowl here?

A lot of people are advocating growing vegtables at home to supplement the food supply.
Apparently Americans managed to grow quite a large amout of food in their backyards in the 1940s.
This seems to be a pretty logical idea to me just on general principles.
For a few packets of seeds (currently about $1.25 a packet) I can get enough for a couple thousand plants.
Not that I have that much space, but they usually keep a couple years.
I plant a variety of plants and even though they need to be thinned and some die to bugs or whatever I can still get way more than my money's worth in vegtables.

Sure, spending an hour or four in the garden each week is probably not worth it to a lot of people.  
If my time was worth lawyer-money I would be able to buy a daily supply of the really upscale organic veggies at the whole-foods for less than what my couple of hours of gardening a week would be worth.
There's something nice about not going to the store though.  
My favorite time is the period in the summer when I can just go outside and get those tomatoes I need for my salad.
Or dig up an extra portion of veggies for an unexpected guest.
It is very convenient.
They taste better too.  
A lot of them never make it out of the garden.
Still, there are definitely pros and cons.
The weather last year killing my baby plants was a big con.
I don't know if I am making a point or just rambling.
It seems clear enough to me now though....

Victory gardening: probably more pro than con.  
Most of the time.


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