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Martial arts
Long long ago in a galaxy far far away....
I was a very avid martial artist for a number of years.  
Started with Taekwondo, moved, did some Wing-Chun.
Then I went off to college and the demands of work and school left me with very little time or energy so I pretty much fizzled out.
For several years I continued to practice sporadically with friends.
I tried getting back into a workout routine several times.  Both in martial arts and just in the school gym.
Work was sedentary, classwork was sedentary.
Predictably my weight began increasing as my activity decreased.  :(
Now my weight is pretty bad, and for once my time demands are relatively good.
It only takes a few flights of stairs for me to get winded.
I seriously need to get started again.

Unfortunately I can't just take up where I left off, I forgot a lot, and I would probably die of a heart attack if I tried to work out like I used to.
I tried a Tai-Chi class in Seattle, but it was too far (and too bad traffic) for me to make it a regular thing.
I heard there was a wing-chun teacher in Seattle somewhere but I am afraid that I would have the same problem again.
In the Bellevue area there isn't much, but I was actually considering heading back to my roots with the Taekwondo.

The question would be: where do I start?

I am fairly certain that even out of shape and out of practice the white-belt material would not be challenging enough.
Relearning is a lot faster than learning.
The lower belt material would come back to me easily within a month.  
The higher-belt material should come back fairly fast as well.
It would just be a matter of doing it.
Maybe I should go check out the local school and see what the instructor recommends.
If I like the instructor I can try out a few classes.
It may be a start.


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