Parenting 1
I figure there will be a lot of entries on this topic as time passes, so let this be the first one and hopefully it isn't too repetitive.

Hazel is now 7 weeks old, and holding her head up pretty well. Our poor baby rolled bad luck in a couple ways. She has hyper-mobility from her father, this affects about 5% of all females. She was also positioned breech in utero (about 3-4% of babies are) and she never moved which has led to a couple other difficulties: She has a brachial plexus injury to her right arm, probably from how she was positioned in utero. We also just learned that she has hip displasia for the same reason. Her arm is the bigger problem, the injury makes it very difficult for her to move her arm, a condition known as Erb's Palsy. The arm will probably take several years of PT, which we have already begun, and possibly surgery. The hips on the other hand will require a Velcro brace for a few months for a complete recovery.

Mostly Hazel is a happy baby, so far she enjoys looking into the eyes of her parents, or whoever is holding her. She also likes looking into her mirror. She hasn't really started reaching for things yet and is working more on kicking and wiggling. She eats well, and sometimes too well. When she overeats it leads to the dreaded "baby fountain" and one of the parents inevitably ends up wearing the partially-processed stomach-temperature milk. Yum.

Not much really to say past this, just keeping something of a record so I can look back and wish it was still this easy.


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